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User Lists; Instant Messaging; Send a Yahoo! message to infinityBlue Horizon Pitbulls - Pitbull puppies for sale from top . 's Post: well i actually want to know a list of pit bull bloodlines such as . Terrier, Forum, Community, Amstaff, Breeders, Classifieds, Pit Bulls, Pitbull, Champion, Bloodlines . . gotti razors edge bully seal fawn Gotti and razors edge are bloodlines seal is a color and fawn is also a color as well as red nosed pit bulls unless they are from the old . . . . . you can find good (life-long) homes for all of the puppies - Petfinder lists at . . Extensive information about the breed, Description, Origin, History, Temperament, Height, Weight, Exercise, Life, Group, Articles, Health . . . Actually, "Gotti" and "RazorsEdge" are NOT pitbulls. . Download links are directly from our mirror sites or publisher sites . . Our bloodlines consist of . . . . of Lhasa or Shih Tzu from other AKC lines). . . . . Great Lakes Bullyz, Specializing In XL & XXL Blue Pitbulls. . This page lists some of the well known Pit Bull bloodlines, pictures of some of the bloodlines, their characteristics, and most of their meanings like why they got their names. . . TRUE XXL AMERICAN PITBULL TERRIERS FROM SOME OF THE BEST OLD PITBULL BLOODLINES . hehe well can someone point me to a thread that lists the existing bloodlines? Do south african pitbulls have diff bloodlines from American ones?A forum for pitbull bloodlines, history, health, nutrition, sports, training, shows, news, & more . Big congrats to everyone on the lists!!!!! American Staffordshire Terriers AKC . . For Us On The Topsite ListsDog Breed Information about Pit Bull . Some find it a great family . They are bloodlines of the common mutt called the "American Bully", which are just dogs that might have pitbull IN THEM . . . . . . . . . Please vote for our "Pit Bull Kennels" in the "American Pitbull Terrier" top sites lists located . . . VOTE FOR US ON THE TOPSITE LISTS!The American Pit Bull Terrier is a dog of controversy. . . . We breed blue nose pitbulls with bloodlines consisting mostly of Grayline, Gotti Line, and Razors . The above pitbull bloodlines search only lists software in full, demo and trial versions for free download. . off the hook man right know i want to order unleashed, raw dogs, American pit bull and bloodline. Answers to: HOW TO FIND YOUR BLOODLINE FOR YOUR PITBULL? . . Best producing female pit bulls Kennelfighting pitbulls,blue pitbulls,pit bull fights videos,pitbull kennels,pitbull dogs . . . . Reply to Gen B. . . . CHECK OUT OTHER PIT BULL TOPSITE LISTS BELOW:. Buy the top Pitbull bloodlines in the world with complete confidence at The Bully House Pitbull . Featuring The Most Sought After Bloodlines . . . . . . Like pitbulls for example. . Read about the confusion surrounding the American Pit Bull Terrier and the many names it goes under. Pocket Pitbull Breeders Pocket Bully Pitbulls Kennel Pocket Bullies Pits For Sale Razors Edge Bloodline. . here is a link to a site that lists

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This topic was really educational and nicely written.

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Don’t stop blogging! It’s nice to read a sane commentary for once.

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